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Welcome to T3BOARD16

We proudly present T3BOARD16! This is the 16th anniversary of the famous T3BOARD and it will be the first time, that there are two events in the same year! Some of you may visit Canada together with Adrian. A big chance for all those who can afford time and price for going there.

Europe vs. Canada

We also decided to set up a T3BOARD Europe for all those who can't or don't want to afford the rate for Canada. The T3BOARD Europe is also a week later, therefore all the people who had difficulties to attend the T3BOARD Canada because of some clashes of appointments have now a second chance to participate a famous T3BOARD event!

T3BOARD16 is over :(

The awsome events T3BOARD16EU and T3BOARD16CA are over now! We had a lot of fun, interesting talks and a nice time in Zillertal and BC. We hope you all got back home well! After T3BOARD is before T3BOARD! Planning T3BOARD17 has already been started and we hope to see you there next year! Stay tuned for further information!

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