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T3BOARD16-EU will take place in Tyrol, Austria - Join us NOW!

Date: 2016-02-28 till 2016-03-06
Location: Hainzenberg, Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria

The location - Zillertal in Tyrol

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This time we decided to go to the area of "Zillertal", a great valley situated in Tyrol.
The big benefit of the area "Zillertal" is the high amount of skiingregions, which are all included in our skipasses (Zillertal Superskipass)!
All lifts which are not directly starting at the hotel are reachable by included skibusses, most of them just in a couple of minutes!

Hotel area

This winter our familiar 4* hotel is located on a small plateau above the Zillertal, with a very nice panoramic-view of the valley of Zillertal and its impressively surrounding mountains!
Directly at our hotel there is a smaller skiregion starting, we need just to cross the street.
We can also have some fun with tobogganing as there is a run (7km) directly starting at the hotel.
The toboggan-run is illuminated by night!
Two of the biggest skiingregions in the near area of the hotel are about 15 minutes away by pre-mentioned skibus!

Hotel facilities

In the evening we can come together in the lobby, which is a warm and cosy lounge with fireplace and - of course - a bar!
For coding in groups, the dining-hall could be used between breakfast and dinner, as well as after dinner.
If you want to have some indoor-action in your spare-time, at night or in case of bad weather-conditions, there is a billard, table-tennis and a bowling alley!
The hotel has some great SPA-facilities too, featuring an indoor-pool, different kinds of sauna, a fitness-room with a breathtaking panorama, and some more.
Visiting the SPA-area is included! If you want to indulge in some treatments like a massage or solarium, you need to book and pay on your own, best at arrival.
The hotel is completely covered with WiFi (included).

Hotel's kitchen

The hotel's kitchen is well prepared and locally known because of its great local and international dishes!
There are a breakfast and a dinner included in our rate. Dinner is with salads from the buffet and served you may choose between two soups and two main-courses.
As a nice finishing we will get served a dessert. If you want you may visit the hotel's restaurant which is not included.
In case of some allergy or special needs concerning your food, please add your needs directly at booking via our bookingform to the corresponding textarea.
They will do their best to make you comfortable!

You can have a first look at the impressive panorama and the hotels' open areas here ».
Enjoy! :-)

Meet the Core-Devs

During T3BOARD16-EU we plan to perform some camp-style sessions in the evenings, so be prepared to meet some of the core-devs!
Suggestions on topics which could be performed there are welcome, we have an according form online!
You may ask them, what you ever wanted to know about TYPO3 and didn't get answered yet, discuss TYPO3 internals and put in place your ideas and suggestions!
Our great community is wellknown because of its "openess" and its inspiration to share and discuss!

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