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T3BOARD16-CA will take place in Whistler, Canada - Join us NOW!

It was already during the T3BOARD15 in Saalbach when Steffan and I began seriously to think about a Canada Tour for the 15th T3BOARD. To be honest, we dreamt already years before about such a trip. Then we did the survey where 26 people took part and 12 people told they would be in for Canada next year, while 14 would be in in Europe. So here's the deal:

Check out this incredible picturesque house in Whistler (near Vancouver) with all you can imagine (hot pot, fireplace, billard, perfect surroundings and and and):

Right now we are 20 participants, so only 4 beds left. The price for the house, including cleaning, damage insurance (will be paid back if you behave ) is about 10'232 (14'230.00 CDN) Euros ONLY. Means that 9 nights for one person will be about 426 euros, this is a crazy price! We will try to get a cook for us, I want to have fresh pancakes in the morning ;-).... Further I would recommend a Skipass with the conditions of 8 out of 9. Means you can drive 8 days at your choice within the 9 day period, for the following price: 650.00 euros. Perhaps you want to take the helicopter one day or go to a snow-mobile tour or see the vancouver canucks play worlds best NHL hockey or whatever. Check out the amazing offers in Whistler:

Besides the amazing experience on the slopes it's also a good chance to get in contact with the north american community and I know that some of them will be in anyway. The one who pays first his part of the house is in. 

And YES we even have the European T3BOARD16 made up in Tirol, Austria! Special thanks to Peter and Clemens for this great effort! Perfect!!

So please spread the word and contact me over adrian.zimmermann))This is for spamprotection, please remove!((@))This is for spamprotection, please remove!(( for T3BOARD16CA details and registration!


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