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Various activities in Winter in Stubai

Good news for all tobogganing / sledging fans: as tobogganing is a very popular activity in Northern Tyrol, Stubai offers several really great runs! Some of them have also the possibility to go up by cable car!

And yes: we will have again a dedicated sledging-night at T3BOARD19, most likely on wednesday, so be prepared for some sledging-fun!

Cross-country skiing: in Stubai are waiting 62 kilometres of prepared slopes for you, on different sealevels! If you are interested in some high-slope training you could go to Stubaier Gletscher or Schlicker Alm.
Neustift itself offers ~17 kilometres of slopes you could access directly at the hotel!


There are two all-season water parks in Stubai, 4hrs included in our skipass! Beside that our hotel has a swimmingpool too, which is free to use (included in our rates).

Visit Innsbruck

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is only a stones throw away from Stubai. A daytrip to an alpine city combining alpine flair and cosmopolitan style is worth it.

The connection between the high-alpine mountains surrounding Innsbruck and the vibrant urbane life creates an atmosphere of suspense which is catchy to most people.

Innsbruck is not only known for its university, founded in 1669 and celebrating its 350-years jubilee in 2019, teaching students from all over the world, but was also royal seat back in the old days, so you could expect some impressive medieval architecture like "Hofburg", "Goldenes Dachl" and the extraordinary "Schwarzmander-Kirche", a church with 28 larger-than-life bronze statues guarding the cenotaph of Maximilian I., Holy Roman Emporer. Read more ...

And notably Innsbruck also hosted the Olympic Wintergames two times, in 1964 and 1976, which offers a wide range of sport-facilities all over the city, for example the well-known Bergisel ski jump with its restaurant on top of it, latest catchy design by meanwhile passed Zaha Hadid, a shooting star of the international architectual community!

Visit Alpenzoo in Innsbruck

The "Alpenzoo" in Innsbruck is not only one of the most altudinous Zoos in Europe, it is also part of a well connected network, locally and all over Europe, to preserve some of the most endangered european species, and particularly the endangered species of the alps. That's why you could watch some very interesting animals, not often to be seen in the wild: wisent, lynx, waldrapp (geronticus eremita), brown bear, alpine ibex, wolf, elk and a lot more.

Located at the sunny side of Innsbruck at about 750 meters above sealevel, by mid of March chances are good that you could watch the awakening of nature in spring in this marvellous zoo!

Website of Alpenzoo Innsbruck ...

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