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The Arrangement for T3BOARD22

This time, there is only one package available, the package we could offer is a place in a 4-bed room with a shared shower on the floor. Of course our hostel offers free WiFi of some quality.

At a moderate price of 470,- CHF (by end of November 2021 this is about 451,- EUR) half-boarding is already included!

We get a Mountain Hostel Special Price for a 7-Day-Skipass 326.60 CHF
You buy this one at the arrival Day at the counter of the Gondola. Please set the Check-Box in the Form if you want to have this Special Price Skipass.

IMPORTANT: you need to buy a skipass to get to the hotel!
Because of regulations due to the Corona pandemic, there are no group tickets available at the moment.

If you want less Days you can order on your own here:

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