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Why we appreciate Your sponsoring?

The rate is really tightly calculated (we do not add anything to the rate we could negotiate), so we have some things not being paid by the registration fee:

  1. Internet/WiFi: As we experienced, the internet-connections of hotels in the alpine/rural regions are getting tight if there arrive a couple of nerds, each bringing two or more WiFi-capable devices. Therefore we plan to bring our own routers and accesspoints for a better UX. Anyways, this year the hotels Internet connection and WiFi equipment should be very nice!
  2. Goodie-Bag with T-Shirt: Every event in the TYPO3-universe provides a goodiebag with a special dedicated T-Shirt. So we want to do again.
  3. Dinners: This year we won't have boarding included, therefore we search for dinner-sponsors. Three dinners are already sponsored!


The total amount of the basic sponsoring is not that much as we want to keep it small and simple. We calculate our needs with about € 1000,-, dinners excluded! Gold sponsors will get informed transparently, what their sponsoring was used for.

What's the revenue of Your sponsoring?

All sponsors get listed on our 'Sponsors' page with logo and backlink. Depending on what you sponsor, your logo will appear e.g. on contents of the goodie-bag etc. ...

One or two "gold sponsors" will get a place on the T-Shirt, one sponsor per sleeve.

Feel free to contact us via the data on contact page, we will get back to you with more detailed information!

For sure you will receive an invoice with tax for your sponsoring!

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