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20 times of T3BOARD ...

T3BOARD20 Europe

11. - 18. Jan 2020 

... asking for celebration!

T3BOARD20 Canada

22. Feb - 3. Mar 2020


We proudly present T3BOARD20!
For the 20th time we decided for two different locations at two different dates, so the TRUE enthusiasts can visit both, Canada AND Europe!
All the same, but different: Expect everything you might expect if you visited past T3BOARD events, but some things may be different this time.
E.g. the location of T3BOARD20EU is a luxury chalet with holiday flats, sauna, indoor pool and more in the well-known valley of Ötztal, famous for its great event-capabilites!

Canada vs. Europe

T3BOARD goes international: back in 2016 we already had two tracks of T3BOARD. This was a story of success and both, the visitors of T3OBARD16EU as well as the attendees of T3BOARD16CA experienced amazing impressions in the mountains of Europe and Canada.

In 2020 we will celebrate the 20th T3BOARD and thus we decided to set up two tracks again. That also means, it is not often that easy like this time for TYPO3 enthusiast from Canada and the USA to visit that famous long-lasting event of the TYPO3 community!

T3BOARD: more than a name

... T3SNOW, T3POWDER, T3WINTER ... lots of different names which are maybe less misleading.
But remember: this is the most traditional TYPO3-event and so the name is!
In the past few years we recognized, some people are puzzled by the name 'T3BOARD'.
Anyway, we are snow-sport enthusiasts! Most of us are skiers nowadays, but if you like cross-country skiing or tobogganing or even nothing of that: You are welcome!
You do not need to be a boarder for attending T3BOARD!

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