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The costs for the accomodation amount to 528.28 € for 10 days.
This amount includes also the final cleaning of the house, so it will not be necessary to clean up the whole house before checking out (just don't leave a mess ;-) ).


Each patricipant of T3Board20CA will take care of his flight to Vancouver and back himself. If some take off from the same airport you're free to arrange the tickets in groups by yourself.

Transportation from Vancouver to Whistler

From the airport in Vancouver you have two options to get to Whistler: by rental car or by bus.

Rental Car

Car rental facilities are located on the ground floor of the parkade. There you can find the usual rental agencies like Hertz or Avis and also some others. Flying in groups or landing at approximately the same time allows you to carpool.
Renting a car for 5 persons will cost about 800 CAD, depending on what car you will take.


If you rather like to take the bus you have good connections with SkyLynx. In winter you can find a bus leaving for Whistler every 2 hours directly from the airport for 55 CAD one way. Jump in the bus and 3 hours later you will arrive in Whistler completely relaxed.

Lift ticket

By the end of November we'll buy lift tickets for all patricipants registered by then. They will profit form a early bird price.
All patricipants registered as of December will buy their ticket themself.

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