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T3BOARD20EU Sponsors & Supporters

T3BOARD20EU Sponsors

A big "THANK YOU" to our valued sponsors!

Sponsoring T3BOARD means to ensure a goodie-bag with t-shirt, as well as internet-connection of some quality in the rural regions where T3BOARD stays usually!

This year we also have dinner-sponsors, as meals are not part of the deal with our luxury chalet apartments.

On top of that, we have a surprise-event on Monday this year, possible because of some more generous sponsors!

T3BOARD20EU Supporters

Supporting T3BOARD means spending (work)time, lending equipment or helping with the organisation of T3BOARD.

There is a lot to do organising such an event, who never did could maybe not imagine:

  • requesting offers which will fit our needs and financial "code of conduct" in a skiarea which will satisfy most wishes of our participants
  • disputing on the offers and
  • after a couple of reviews and redisputes select the best-fitting offer
  • building a website
  • collecting all important information and put it on the website
  • hosting the website
  • getting sponsors
  • filling the wiki at
  • pushing information on various channels like twitter, slack and even some personal e-mails
  • speaking with the hotel about the special needs of our group (sessions in the evening and the like)
  • all the booking-stuff
  • design and production of T-Shirts
  • packaging of goodie-bags
  • coordination of equipment (if not, we would maybe have 7 presentation-screens but not a single beamer e.g.)
  • organisation of the 'special evening' (sledging, ice-skating or the like, which means speaking with location, rent-a-sledge etc..., exploring the possibilities in the region)
  • ...


A big "THANK YOU" to everybody who helps to make T3BOARD a great event!

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