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Packing List

Just some keywords for you to remember:

  • Snowboarding/skiing equipment
  • Maybe cross-country skiing equipment
  • Helmet: if you have got some brain you should protect it!
  • Alpenvereinsausweis if you are member of Alpenverein
  • For Italy: insurance proofing document
  • Shoes/boots for sledging/tobogganing (snowboarding-softboots e.g. are fine for most people)
  • Sun glasses/lotion
  • Various cables and adapters (VGA<->HDMI for beamer connection e.g.)
  • Power distributors (Steckdosenleiste)
  • Earplugs!!! (You never know who's in your room)
  • Aspirin
  • Immodium or else (Diarrhea stuff or so)
  • Sauna fragrances
  • Bathing trunks/bikini
  • TYPO3 Flag
  • Good mood!
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