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Personal security, avalanches and more

A small summary of some security advices for you going out in the snowy mountains of Euregio Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino.

Who's got brains, protects them

If you got some noteable brain activity, try to protect it! Thus you should use a ski helmet. In additon you could use back protectors. Some use their back protectors from motor cycling, but nowadays there is also better gear specially designed for skiing!

There are multiple aspects of security when using such a helmet and back protectors.

  • Snow nowadays is not that much than it used to be. Already small rides outside the slopes could end in a tragedy. Just think of what Michael Schuhmacher happened!
  • Velocity on skis is higher than it used to be 20 years back. The reasons for that are: better equipment (carving skis), better prepared slopes and more artificial snow, which is harder and faster than natural snow.
  • Due to the carving skis people have a different style of going down in comparison to the style 20 years back. We see a lot of accidents where people collide. These accidents often cause bad injuries and also death, too often!

In case you are snowboarding: use the special protection gloves! If you just want to try it for the first time: Ask Clemens, he always has an extra pair of snowboard-gloves with him!

Don't drink and drive!

Do not drink alcohol or consume drugs while riding your snowboard or going by ski!

In Austria there is no hard limit for consumation of alcohol while skiing. But beside the laws and regulations, it is not wise to drink and ski/snowboard anyways. That could also cause issues with your insurances in case of an accident!

Avalanche reports in general

Read the avalanche report of your region every morning!
Also if you do not plan to leave the slopes! You could decide differently if you are on the slopes!

Keep in mind: most accidents with avalanches happen at Risk Level 3 (LWS 3)! Level 3 is already pretty high!

With Risk Level 5 (LWS 5) just stay at home/hotel. Have a nice day in the SPA area, read a book or something like that. Seriously!

In doubt, ask regionals. They know their region better than you, they live there, and maybe already their grand-grand parents lived there too!

Risk levels for avalanche danger have been standardized all over Europe back in 1993. You could and should trust them!

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